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A Direct to Film (DTF) printer is a type of digital printing technology that enables users to print designs and images directly onto a film substrate, typically a flexible polymer material. This is similar to the process used by Direct to Garment (DTG) printers, but instead of printing onto fabric, DTF printers print onto a special transfer film.

DTF printing is typically used for creating custom designs for textiles, including t-shirts, hats, bags, and other types of fabric. The process involves printing the design onto the film using special inks, which are then transferred onto the fabric using a heat press.

DTF printing is becoming increasingly popular in the textile industry due to its versatility and cost-effectiveness, as it allows for high-quality and customizable prints without the need for large minimum order quantities or complex pre-production processes.

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With a 40" x 40" flatbed this midrange flatbed gets it done. 1,200 DPI UV LED keeps the quality good while up to 8 printheads allows for versitility. White and varnish make the Raptor an incredibly useful machine. Glass, acrylic, wood, pvc, metal panels, ceramics, mdf, ceiling film, vinyl, banners, PET and wallpaper are all approved media for this exciting flatbed printer. 



This UV LED printer will be a big hit with your customers. A 36"x24" flatbed allows a media thickness of 4". The 1440 resolutions produces high quality output with white and varnish as options. The Micro can be configured with up to 8 printheads printing on glass, acrylic, wood, pvc, metal panels,ceramic tile, kt board, mdf, ceiling film, vinyl, banners, PET, and wallpaper.


The Everest is a dynamic UV LED Hybrid printer. The 10' wide paper path and the detachable table, allows for effortless media management. 1200 DPI from up to 8 print heads lets you be proud of your output. Glass, acrylic, wood, metal panels ceramic, kt board, mdf, ceiling film, vinyl, banners, PET, and wallpaper media up to 9cm thick.

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The Nova UV LED is a great addition to your arsenal with a 10' wide flexible media platform printing at 720-1200 dpi. Allowing for optional white, this machine can take up to 9 printheads and can produce 1060 sqf/h. The Nova gets high marks for balancing value against speed and quality.

Polaroid Second G UV  ingles-2.png


Whether you choose the Second in mild solvent or gel UV ink, this machine will get the job done. At 1200-1400 DPI the quality is "Second to none". Printing flexible media at 5'10". The Gel UV ink is configurable 8 models customized to your applications. This flexibility allows the Second to be your first choice.

Single Pass

Polaroid T-REX ingles-2.jpg

The Polaroid Single Pass or PSP is designed for use on paper based products such as corrugated boxes, paper bags and packaging, banners, POS products, even blueprints, using water based HP Printheads. The SPS can be configured up to 6 printheads yielding 1800 linear meters per hour. Maximum material width is 1.2 meters and 80mm thick allowing for a wide array of substrates. Quick, efficient output is the name of the game for the Polaroid Single Pass print system.


As large and fearsome as its name suggests. This UV LED printer can be configured with options that include: white, varnish, and a maximum 9 print heads. T Rex handles glass, acrylic, wood, pvc, mdf, kt board, vinyl, banner, PET, and wallpaper media up to 8'x4" and up to 3.9" thick. With a resolution from 300-1200 dpi, and a speed to 807 sqf/hr, this machine does it all.

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