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Paper Handling


TPS Group is proud to be an agnostic service provider. Technical services are available for all brands of Pre and Post processing equipment. Our proven approach to service is based on a long term contract that includes operator training, phone support, on site spares, preventive maintenance, and break-fix service. Using manufacturer supplied parts and technical support, TPS Group is able to provide the very best level of service to support your high volume equipment.

Many times end users are hoping to find equipment deals on the internet. This leaves them exposed to unknown serial numbers that have no documentation containing the service history. TPS Group offers consulting services for a minimal fee that allow you to better understand what you are buying. Additionally, should the equipment fit your configuration, TPS Group can pack the equipment properly, refurbish the equipment, install and support that same equipment.

Finally, If you no longer need your equipment, we are able to inventory you machines and options, allowing you to offer the exact configuration you own to eliminate future disagreements. We will gladly assist you in setting the value of your equipment as well.

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