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Cutting Systems


The RUK MTC series cutting tables are the premier solution for the graphic and sign manufacturer. This series of cutters is designed for use on thin vinyl to corrugated box with speed and precision. Brochures, Flyers, Labels, branded boxes, gift bags and boxes. From the Flagship MTC09 for high-speed detailed projects to the MTC-06 for corrugated box creation, the MTC series get the job done. The Ruk Tool Concept allows for a wide array of material finishing options.


Hard core box production is what you are going to find in the MBC series cutter. Offered in three sizes 51 inches, 70inches, and 98 inches with configurations up to 8 heads allowing for individual customized solutions by balancing size and speed. The Ruk Tool Concept provides finishing solutions from crease to custom cut.

This speciality garment cutter easily manages PVC, TPU, PU, Leather, Faux Leather, Woven Fabric, and Coated Fabrics. Synchornizes with any CAD software on fabrics under 10mm thick. The Ruk tool system offers a driving rotary tool, pen, cursor position, punching tool, oscallating tool, v notch, and camera system all on table size up to 118 inches to 70 inches.


The MC series cutter is made to produce templates for garment sewing. It features an automatically adjustable blade, for cutting pvc or cardboard templates. The cad controlled MC cutter features two size beds with the largest being 59" x 47". A high suction vacuum system is included with the machine.

This die cutting machine is incredibly versatile with a graphtech blade for stickers, kiss cut blade for paperboard and pvc boxes, and an oscillating tool to round out the selections of cutting tools. featuring QR code for system setup, auto loader and auto collection, and a maximum speed of 2 inches per second. this is your complete solutions for materials inder 50mm thick.


The F1 series flatbed uses magnetic levitation technology in place of the traditional sync belt and bearings. By doing this, we are able to achieve speeds that are 2.5 times faster than traditional machines. Precise location of the CCD function allows for completion of bubble word, reflective materials, mobile phone films, gift boxes, flags, banners, etc.

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