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Why Choose

TPS Group

01. Experience

There is no substitute for experience. Time spent honing your craft will translate to high levels of service for your customers. We take this idea seriously and reward longevity in our Engineers.

02. Skill

Everyone is good at something. TPS Group engineers operate at high levels of competency on the equipment we service. Years of training and experience in service are the tools that build skilled technical engineers. It is our desire to put a talented, well trained engineer on your account to prove our worth. 

03. Availability

Most people prefer to sleep overnight, however, this industry doesn't always have an off switch. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week our call center is staffed to field your service call requests and relay them to your assigned engineer. If you prefer to sleep at night, we offer standard services as well.

04. Urgency

Our organization operates with urgency on all levels. Sales, Service, and Logistics all operate to move the timeline forward as much as possible. Working together with our customers we try to eliminate the dead space in every project.

05. Versatility

TPS Group is not a singularly focused organization. We view the printing process holistically and provide you with solutions from start to finish. We know that your customers do not purchase rolls of print, they buy statements, mail, labels, postcards, banners, standups, whatever they need to get the job done. 

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