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MICR Printing

Buskro Print Head May 16, 2018 _DSC1625.

Buskro Quantum - Offering a print width of 17" and 300, 600, or 1200 DPI resolution, the Quantum packs a lot of technology in a self-contained, portable unit. This device can be mounted on a stable printing base to give you instant high quality print. Drop levels of 3pl, 7pl, 11pl, and 14pl can satisify the toughest applications. 


Monojet - Printing MICR ink, this versatile UV monochrome inkjet system offers a variety of configurations to fit your specific needs. By routing your MICR data to the Monojet and printing your non MICR data on your exisiting device you can reduce the cost of production substantially. Resolutions from 360 to 1200, print width from 41/4" to 12 3/4". Production models to 20" wide with speeds of 300 feet per minute. This system can be mounted directly to your own equipment to provide you with variable data.

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